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Sustainability and Environment

Panimex is a company with over 30 years in the market and with a long term vision, waiting to see its family of employees, clients and suppliers grow, forging transgenerational relationships that go beyond a commercial relationship which is friendship, loyalty and trust in what its done. Product which is inherently sustainable and committed with the environment.

Within the critical points that affect the planet on a long term, there are 4 of special interest, in which the company must take action and look for advances to improve the quality of life in harmony with nature. Within these 4, companies must define 2 fields of action, the first one is what advances can be implemented during company processes as to improve the current situation and the second, and most important, how do the products that we sell affect during a lifetime, if they have a positive or negative effect and in case of the latter, how to improve it.



In time, Panimex has tended to use a larger percentage of renewable products in its raw materials, marketing these in the world of plastics, paints, varnishes and others.

The rest is obtained from the byproducts of oil refining, which derive over 96% of transportation fuel, heating and tars, ie, byproducts are exploited minimizing the use of natural resources.



Panimex processes are by its nature, water generators, which is reused in the same, so that its consumption is minimal. Within the Lifetime of their end products are produced high performance plasticizers, capable of maintaining pipelines, hoses and irrigation without leaks during its lifetime, avoiding waste and higher water usage to the same purpose.





The company, aware of the growing problem of global hunger and food waste due to spoilage, produces high performance raw materials for food films, preserving them fresh for longer, preventing further deterioration and waste.

In the liquids segment, we produce raw materials for insulation of food in plastic and glass bottles, avoiding spoilage of food and liquids which may be consumed for a longer period. In turn, contributes to the necessary flexibility of packaging for the mandated requirements during its lifetime.


Energy Efficiency

This is perhaps the point where we can influence the future the most as excessive energy consumption implies greater energy generation and inefficiency in final products lead to a greater energy consumption in the users.

Panimex helps the reduction of domestic energy consumption by producing raw materials for isolation weatherstrips for windows and cold rooms, insulation for wiring, parts and accessories for fuel-efficient (light weight) cars, fibers used in ships amongst others, granting the required properties for a lighter weight, which translates in fuel savings, among other applications.

Within its processes, the company has followed a policy of continuous improvement and optimization of energy, taking measures such as:

  • Utilization of energy generated in process for other processes that require it, saving fuel and lowering emission generation.
  • Heating offices and other facilities taking advantage of heat recovery from the production plant.
  • ;Insulating reactors and lines minimizing heat loss in process.
  • Replacement of warehouse roofs and eliminating lamps, using only natural Light.
  • Flexibilization of fuel usage in boiler, migrating to natural gas.
  • Disconnecting from power consumption in cold days with higher demand for home heating, to support and ensure domestic power.

Concrete facts – Concrete results

All the above mentioned measures make processes in Panimex to be energy efficient and save great amounts of potential burnt fuel to generate energy which is saved or optimized.

The sum of these savings is similar to planning 95.000 trees each year, equivalent to 112 square hectares of forest. It is results like this that make the company work day alter day in improving the utilization of its resources in order to be a friendly alternative for everyday products for people.



Long-term Vision

Visión LPThe valley of Santiago, because of its poor ventilation conditions has adopted world class standards in these matters to clean up the city, only comparable to standards in Germany and California. This is associated with a strong control, has ensured that the local industry meets the high goals set by the government. The concrete result for these measures is that between 1990 and 2001, the critical episodes have dropped over 600% while industry grew 100% in the same period. Later the norm was made to be more strict which has put Santiago's industry a world leader in requirements, improvements and compliance with existing regulations. This confirms that Panimex, with its plant in Santiago, meets a world-class standard in the development of its products.

Support for SMEs

Apoyo a las PYMES

Supporting SMEs is strengthening the productive base of society, generating work opportunities for local communities for the common good and promoting equality through decent work, living opportunities to those who often cannot get them. These make up 90% of companies in Latin America and are the main employment source in the region.

Discreetly, Panimex has formally committed to supporting entrepreneurs, paying bills in the short term in order to inject liquidity so that they can grow, hire more workers and thus, give greater opportunities to those who need it.



The basis for equality is to offer opportunities to those who need it, at all levels of education, nationality or gender, welcoming with open doors all those who meet the minimum requisites to perform a job. CSR practices with the community are developed with initiatives which strengthen and encourage employment and creating new opportunities for employment development in conjunction with the community, participating in local job fairs and providing meaningful employment with quality and a fair wage without discrimination of any kind. In the area of wage gaps, in Panimex there is no salary difference based on gender or ethnicity and the difference between the base and the top of the organization meets and exceeds the standard average 2 of OECD countries, formed by developed countries, and this difference is lower by over 300% than the differences existing in Chile3, which means that it complies with a world-class standard.

2 Clarke 2009
3 Mercer Total Remuneration Survey 2010 ajustado por Seminarium-Denarius 2011

Your Needs

All of this in harmony with society to produce quality sustainable products and thus satisfy daily needs of people, contributing to the quality of life of people.

Our commitment is to seek continuous improvement in all aspects mentioned above,

Reuse, Reducue, RecycleWhat about yours?

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

The future is in your hands and favors products which meet the basic standards mentioned above, in order to give our children a better world.

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